Artmox aka Timo Müller, born 17/05/1980 in Tampere, Finland . Around the age of seven, he learned from his father Heribert Müller, ever since his sixteenth years most enthusiastic musician true, even even on television with his band  " Gerafric " and the band " Bap " occurred, how to use a synthesizer, and can read and play notes. With producer " Karsten Klingelhöller " produced a album entitled " Let's make a baby ", which was quite successful and popular in the reggae scene, know his first synthesizer from Roland. Timo true directly absorbed by the sound manipulation capabilities of this new technology. Nevertheless, he favored first but rock and heavy metal music like Guns n' Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, Nirvana, Offspring ... until about the age of twelve, he began to get excited about slow for electronic music. It was not until around the age of twelve he began slowly for electronic music to delight in. First Hardcore . Then, about fourteen years he learned the Techno / House / Schranz know celebration culture and love. Names like Green Velvet, Thomas Schumacher , Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, DJ Rush were his absolute favorites and he could have swear, that the days of his life that way. At fourteen, he bought his first deejay equipment with two " Technics SL-1210 turntables " and a " Pioneer DJM 500 mixer " and started spinning. At sixteen, he bought his first Groove Box, a " Yamaha RM1X " on eBay and started to produce music itself. At nineteen he met through his favorite club the " Butan " psychedelic music know us love. He was excited about how this music a bound, and gave an absolute trance of ultimate rhythm and sounds. Now he decided to give himself to produce Psy-Trance. He visited audio-engineering school back in 2001 with the intention to start producing after that. His music can be described as pure psychedelic trance with driving bass-lines, screaming leads and atmospheric textures. In 2004, Timo bought then the " MC 909 of Roland ", which in those days was a milestone in the production of electronic dance music and Timo gave the opportunity to achieve truly professional results.

In 2014, he signed a fourteen-year's recording contract with the german labelgroup " Plusquam Records ". An international progressive psytrance label, founded by " Thomas Vitali (aka Sunstryk) ". Top acts on the label under other : "Ace Ventura", "Gaudium", "Ovnimoon", "Nerso", "Zen Mechanics", "Captain Hook", "Zyce", "Earsugar", "Invisible Reality", "Jiser", "Symphonix", "Talamasca", "U-Recken", "Waio", "Simply Wave", "Relativ", "Aioaska", "Cosmic Iron", "Day.Din", "Johann Bley", "Sunstryk", "Ital", "DJ Fabio", "Zentura", "Hardy Veles", "Eleusyn", "Ascent", "Synsun", "Visua", "Meller", "Rocky", "Funky Dragon", "Sensifeel", "Normalize", "Antix", "Sesto Sento", "Atomic Pulse", "X-Noize", "Echotek", "Kularis", "Cosmic Tone", "Tegma", "Dino Psaras", "Aerospace", "Haldolium", "Klopfgeister", "Freq", "Elegy", "DJane Gaby", "Tectum", "Multiphase", "Bitmonx", "Time Lock", "S.U.N. Project", "Pop Art", "Dickster", "Audio-X", "Helber Gun", "Nexus", "Silent Sphere", "Electric Universe", "Ilai", "Audiotec", "Mekkanika", "Volcano", "Major7", "Suduaya", "Funk Truck", "Hamelin", "Earthling", "Safi Connection", "Sonic Entity", "Time In Motion", "Pribe", "Liftshift", "Hi Profile", "Illegal Substances", "Ritmo", "Daniel Lesden", "Tristate", "Suntree", "Pakman""Shibass", "Tikal", "Manmachine", "Yahel", "Ranji", "Mindwave", "Allaby", "Cyklones", "Flegma", "Space Buddha", "Rigel", "Liquid Sound", "Indra", "Lupin", "Human Blue", "Side Effects", "Arhetip",  "Erotic Dream", "Liquid Soul", "Burn In Noise", "E-Clip", "Protonica", "Impulser", "Sonic Species", "Lyktum", "Egorythmia", "Neelix", "Outsiders", "Sideform" ...

Today Timo mainly produces his music with the DAW " PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional " in interplay with the " Faderport ". As drum controller he uses the " Maschine from Native Instruments " in combination with the master keyboard " Komplete Kontrol S25 ", which are offering endless possibilities to create profes- sional electronic dance music. As audio interface he uses the " RME Fireface UC ", as studio headphones the " Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro " and as monitors the M-Audio BX5 D2 ".

To date, Timo has released four albums and is represented at ten compilations with other artists such as : "Sonic Entity", "Ital", "Liquid Soul", "Allaby", "Day.Din", "DJ Fabio", "Synsun", "Hardy Veles", "Safi Connection", "Simply Wave", "Klacid", "Space Buddha", "Earthling", "Hamelin", "Tikal", "Shibass", "Cosmic Iron", "I.M.D.", "Monu", "Cyklones", "Dark Nebula", "Funk Truck", "Pakman", "Silent Sphere", "Double Click", "Paste", "Johann Bley", "Audio-X", "Nexus", "Cryptexmarble", "Human Blue", "Impulser", "Erotic Dream", "Jiser", "Ski Fi", "Eleusyn", "Liquid Sound", "Pribe", "Organic Soup", "Liftshift" .... 

on labels like : "Midijum Records", "Goa Crops Records", "Plusquam Digital", "Sin Records", "PsyTropic Records", "Planet B.E.N Records", "Icarus Creations", "Plusquam Believed", "Zombster Records" and he is currently working on his new album.

His releases have already reached the top 100 on

For the mastering and the final fine tune of his productions, Timo intends in the near future to work in collaboration with Hector Stuardo and Shahar Shtrikman.

He has already been live on stage with world-famous acts like : "Antix", "Ritmo", "DJ Fabio", "Benni Moon", "Ticon", "Helber Gun", "Materia", "Solaris Vibe", "Kularis" ....




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